Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 mini adventures (the key to being alone)

I've been asked how to keep my sanity with all the chaos in my life. Often, my response is a shrug and the simple truth that I am in fact a VERY stubborn person. Recently, I realized a big part of my sanity is my ability to be alone.

Being alone isn't alienating yourself from the world or becoming a hermit. It's the confidence and joy that comes from being about to hang out with yourself. It is the ability to hear yourself, comfort yourself, and ultimately live joyfully within your own world.

A key feature of this practice is what I dub; the mini-adventure. 

Here are ten ideas for personal mini-adventures.
  1. Sign up for a course or class.
  2. People watch at a cafe or coffee shop.
  3. Find a new museum or gallery to wander through.
  4. Go to a bookstore and read a magazine you normally wouldn't read.
  5. Go to a farmers market, flea market, or antique store.
  6. Take a train ride, bike ride, or drive somewhere random and explore.
  7. Find a local taste testing.
  8. Take yourself on a full date or picnic.
  9. Go to the thrift store, buy something you are afraid to wear, and then wear it all day.
  10. Walk from your house with no particular direction and take notice of your surroundings. You'd be surprised on what you've never noticed. *This works the best when you walk so long and far that you have to call a ride to get home

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