Thursday, February 2, 2017

on current immigration debacle

If you want to watch a simple cliff-notes video on the Executive Order on Immigration, this one is clean-cut with citations and sources (found in the youtube info box).

My personal opinion: Ambiguous declarations of power lead to confusion and abuse. There is nothing partisan about implementing governing structures that aren't well crafted. The order is too vague and seemingly has little benefit to us. This is not about foreigners getting their feelings hurt because they can't come to America, this is about executive orders going against American principles (and most importantly) going against our current law.

After hearing about this, I spent some time on the phone with a friend of mine knowing that her mother travels to India frequently. My friend was born here and her parents were born in India. She obviously of Indian heritage but is also one hundred percent American. Even so, she lives in terror at what orders like this might mean for her future.

The thing that we tend to forget is that most of us are immigrants in America. For some reason,  a group of overly opinionated (and narrow-minded) people decided that Caucasian is the "real" American. People like my friend have a hard time fighting that. She has already been harassed and told to go home.

She is home.
Don't make her move away.

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