Sunday, May 14, 2017

fidget spinners

Why? That is my first question. I am having a hard time understanding this fad. To be fair, I have a hard time understanding most fads. 

It is a glorified ball bearing cased with plastic and centrifugal force. That's it.
Photo Courtsey : jlaswilson
My second question is this. Does a fidget spinner really a good idea for anxiety, ADD, ADHD, etc?

This seems like a temporary fix and perhaps counterproductive. I understand the need to maintain motion to keep focus or to keep anxiety at bay. However, I feel like the fidget spinner is too visual and distracts from the psychological benefits. Not to mention, it distracts every other person around.

If you need something like this for your "health" then either find useful ways to fidget or meditate. Otherwise, you simply enjoy the damn thing. At that point, having a fidget spinner is more about dopamine and pleasure.

I don't receive either from a spinner so, I'll pass. 'Cause I am a cranky hater of fun.

Update June, 12th 2017:

This spinner fad is only getting worse. I am starting to see "fidget spinner" everything, from spinner buttplugs to nail spinner manicures.

I'll refrain from sharing an image of the buttplug, but here are some other spinner themed items.

The aforementioned nail spinner manicure.

Photo Courtsey : Jonathan Sawyer @ highsnobiety

Fidget spinner cookies
 There are even fidget spinner nipple tassles


WHY PEOPLE!? This spinner crap is getting out of control.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the ethical choice

I tried to find all vegan and ethical sourced products to prove that we can live a much better way than we imagine.

Friday, May 5, 2017

23 New Words For Emotions That We All Feel, But Can’t Explain (Repost)

In earlier post, I mentioned that I get the feeling of fremdscham. The following list was shared by Justin Gammill from iheartintellegence. It has similar words from a few languages that encompass very specific feelings, most I've felt myself.

(n) The realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own

(n) The ambiguous intensity of Looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

(n) The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

(n) The bittersweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self.

(n) The strange wistfulness of used bookshops.

(n) The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.

(n) The eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet.

(n) The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.

(n) A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.

(n) the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.

(n) The frustration of photographic something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist.

(n) A conversation in which everyone is talking, but nobody is listening

(n) A sadness that you’ll never be able to know how history will turn out.

(n) A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.

The desire to be struck by disaster – to survive a plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire.

(n) The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.

(n) Frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone.

(n) The feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness.

Nodus Tollens:
(n) The realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.

(n) The frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time.

(n) The desire to care less about things.

(n) Weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had – the same boring flaws and anxieties that you’ve been gnawing on for years.

(n) The awareness of the smallness of your perspective.