Friday, November 10, 2017


I come from a long line of dumpster divers. I know that my grandmother did it and I was there for the many times that my mother did it. I have clear memories of my mother driving along and slamming on her breaks because someone had left a bunch of furniture on the curb. 

Giving your child whiplash is not as important as snatching up that credenza. Never you mind that we also had so Macgyver such things into our 1983 Ford Escort Hatchback. Luckily, my mom always made sure we had rope and duct tape in the trunk for such occasions. Side note: We also always had a box of trash bags and a blanket for 'picnics'. I'm not entirely convinced my mother wasn't one step away from murder.

The first item I remember seeing fit to drag back to my lair was a television. I was maybe thirteen and thrilled at the idea of being 'cool enough' to have my own television. My mom warned me it might be faulty, but based on the scrape of paper that had been taped to it that informed me it works, I felt I knew more.

As it turns out that television lasted another thirteen years and I ended up 'handing it down' to my parents when I moved away. 

In my current apartment, I have many items that I've dragged out of the trash. Two different shelving units. A complete fireplace set. A corner stand for our shoes. Random articles of clothing. BOTH of our dog crates. The list goes on. 

Is this gross? Maybe. Do I care? No. I don't really have shame.

Today, I scored a jackpot. I found two pairs of shoes that fit me perfectly AND a bunch of upholstery fabric samples. 

Yes, the gold shoes are a little beat up, but they are also AMAZING. 

Here I am sorting the fabric and then the resulting pile. A whole bin!

The crazy thing is that the fabric is not crappy fabric either. Most of the samples still have the original textile tags on them. This one is from third avenue in New York City.

You may understand what I would do with the shoes. Wear them of course. That's easy. What can I do with all that fabric? 

What I plan to do is make a patchwork slip cover for my couch. The rest of the fabric will go to various projects that require added fabric. I am so pumped about this!

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