I am 36.
I am an artist www.definelulu.com.
I am a writer.
I am self-employed.
I love to learn new things.
I love to share.
I am super friendly.
I am bold, but try to be overly polite.
My real name is Elizabeth but many call me Lulu.
I am from Chicago and lived in Los Angeles for a while. Now I live in Dallas and I am rarely home.
I have an almost romantic relationship with the ocean.
I am a sucker for any speech impediment or foreign accent.
I know how to crochet but I need a good knitting teacher.
I can't decide if I want to live in Hawaii, Iceland, Singapore, India, Germany, Denmark, Japan, or Canada.
My favorite Song is Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor (Moonlight Sonata) by Ludwig Van Beethoven.
My favorite animal is the elephant.
My favorite number is a three way tie between 3, 7, and 11


art, music, food, books, hoarding an endless prolificacy of interests, pitching tents in inappropriate and/or appropriate places, windchimes, storms, modern design, sunshine, vampires, meditation, impossible feats, umbrellas, cooking, predators, fishnet stockings, color, the derelict, freckles, windmills, naps, chaos, clouds, false eyelashes (even though I am incapable of applying them), pianos, ancient history, secrets, records (as in vinyl), being snow deaf, paper, the desert, gypsies, machines, rainbows, airports, duct tape, beach cruiser bicycles, horse cultures, fluid dynamics, buttons, body surfing, rain, sleeping bags, socks, elephants (see favorite animal), turbulence, trees, yoga, thrift stores, wild cats, dancing, big hair, theoretical postulation, cameras, solar panels, shredding (I mean paper not guitar), patterns, de ja vu, braids, bells, beasts, synthesizers, light, wind, anything broken


repeating myself, alcoholics, hang nails, green bell peppers (love the taste, hate the allergy), car alarms, gold, when my seat belt locks up and tries to strangle me, headaches, people who don't understand personal space in public, those who are incapable of placing spoil-able food back in coolers when at the grocery store, racism, words that start with the letter B, miserable people, leaving voice mail messages

I spend a lot of time thinking about 

the past, the future, the now, the multiverse, the complexities of light, fluid dynamics, psychology, the illusion of time, paradoxes, reincarnation, the magic of vibration, the structure of water, defining complexities into bite sized pieces, ego death, near death experiences, holograms, particle accelerators, the number zero, why bones don't come poking through my skin at any given moment

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